Austin Ward & Yaz Blend the Best Parts of Summer on 2-Track EP “heat.wav”

Pop Singer-Songwriter Duo, Austin and Yaz released a silky-smooth project that fits perfectly into the end of August. Combining the hazy sunrises in “Better Place” to the alluring summer nights in “Someone Else in Mind,” heat.wav lets you enjoy the last few weeks before fall.

Austin Ward and Yaz initially met through a chance encounter. Austin had just finished his EP in the infamous East/West studios and was quickly connected with Yaz. The duo immediately found synergy with their voices and decided they were destined to collab. Their potential was noticed by East/West studios and they became the first artists to be supported in house.

The songs of heat.wav show how love is as captivating as it is fleeting, much like summer itself. “Better Place” is a track dedicated taking on the world together with the person you love. With bouncy synths and warm guitar, “Better Place” finds a paradise in itself.

“Someone Else in Mind” shows the other side of the relationship. When all the fantasies dissipate and the relationship runs its course. “Someone Else in Mind” a Latin-inspired flowing single, that’s perfect for late-night drives, poolside jams, any place to melt into.

Everything about this duo is impressive and for only their third release it shows how much potential they truly have. Whether it be their seamless harmonies or their ability to capture any mood, Austin and Yaz are artists to watch this coming year.

Their previous releases, a cover of “Malibu 1992” and their original, “Got Your Love” were extremely successful, gathering thousands of new fans. With each release Austin Ward and Yaz prove they were made to work together.

heat.wav is an exceptional debut EP from the duo. Listening to these two songs is the best way close out the rest of the summer. Stream the project above and watch the video for their single, “Better Place” below.