Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh Takes Us On An Adventure With ’17’

Ashley Singh hits a homerun here on ’17’. Furthermore, this track delights with plenty of pop elements and an indie vibe too for good measure.

Straight to the point, Ashley does not wait around. He kicks off the track with an impending vocal performance which instantly grips and sets the tone of his record. Ashley is singing about a timing issue with a loved one. It is not clear as to what the problem is with time, but something is amiss and if he had met his lover back when he was ’17’ life would have been far more manageable.

Musically, the record shines radiantly. Ashley has an energetic backing band behind him which thump away and give him an added substance. Taking the focal position alongside Ashley’s mesmerising vocals is a tightly strummed rhythm guitar. It stays at the front of the mix for the majority of the track, and I love the sound it produces. It is warm but yet striking and stands out while providing plenty of space for Ashley to articulate his point.

The chorus could fill an amphitheatre. As a result, it takes the singer into a new space of his own. He takes influences from some of the recent pop greats but yet makes himself stick out clearly with the strong musical foundation which is on display. Also, one thing I relish most about the track is that he has nailed it not only in his lead vocals but also within the backing vocal sections too. They add just enough power but yet are not overbearing, which is often a pet hate of mine with new artists who also provide the backing lead.

You can take a listen to ’17’ by Ashley Singh below.