ARLS Drop Eloquent Down-Tempo Debut

Bringing back all those sensual sounds and minimalist breakbeats that took over the 90s during the trip-hop reign, brand new duo ARLS have created a single that could easily feel at home over a Bond film title sequence.

A single whose theme of unrequited love is flawlessly reciprocated by the dark, seductive tone of the track, ‘LUCKY’ is a song that graciously echoes the innovation of legendary trip-hop predecessors Portishead, alongside a sprinkling of angelic acoustic guitar.

Emerging from the wave of New Zealand music artists that, one that has been dubbed as the ‘golden era’ of music, ARLS’ unlikely duo comprises of Alba Rose and Bravo Bonez. A debut of unorthodox birth, ‘LUCKY’ arose from a voice memo sent over by Alba; a beginning that allows the track to truly capture the raw emotion felt in the moment.

A truly beautiful listen and an exciting taster for what is yet to come from the New Zealand duo.