Another Crush continues their prolific roll with new song, ‘It Sucks’

By now you might know the dynamic indie rock band, Another Crush with a blonde tsunami front woman and vibrant lyrics. Formed in Hamilton, Canada in 2018; they have been on a prolific roll of releases ever since.

This latest single continues to showcase the band’s skill in new ways. Moody and stirring ‘It Sucks’ is a track that pulls you deeper into the heart of the band. A song about desperation and letting go, it’ll leave the listener wanting more.

Their new single “It Sucks” is about being in love when you don’t want to be. The song showcases the band’s nineties nostalgic sound with a fresh twist, marked by velvet vocals and catchy melodies. Along with the song, they’ve released a simple and naturalistic video, intended to highlight the band’s unique performance style.

You can also now hear the full “Crushed EP” below!