Anime inspired pop sensation Ambre IV teases with debut single ‘Enough of You’

London based rising pop sensation singer and songwriter Ambre IV is due to release her DEBUT single ‘Enough of You.’ She has taken her love and talent for music, anime, Lady Gaga, drag and mashed it into one. The talented 25-year old has been singing all her life but has never pursued it as a career until a few years ago, Ambre moved to London from France to pursue her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.

“It’s as if she was plucked straight out of a Japanese Anime book. She’s a quirky and talented young new artist” 

After studying Psychology at university, she quickly realised that it wasn’t what she wanted to do and decided to stop following the ‘norm.’ Since then Ambre has been working on her dreams and released a few songs, “Holy Me” and “Take it Off”. She is now launching her first official single “Enough of You.” 

Ambre IV: “ This song is for all of the strong women that have had to deal with the dissonance of men. Enough of You.

 I love writing music about everything and anything but mostly about love, sometimes I relate to it directly and sometimes I just write from imagining scenarios in my head or because I saw or heard something that moved me. I get inspired by my experiences and past the most. This song was written directly about my experiences with men.”

Ambre’s debut single ‘Enough of you’ is due to be released on the 28 June

‘Holy Me’ – Ambre’s first hit.