Amitay Lev releases new single “Say Yes”

Amitay Lev’s upcoming single, “Say Yes,” is an ode to taking chances. Earnestly hopeful, the song is about embracing opportunity, opening up to the world and thus enabling the ability to grow from one’s experiences. “Say Yes” is a genuine message of keeping faith in life’s spontaneities.

A self-professed nostalgia enthusiast, Amitay tends to find inspiration by going “back in time.” Influenced by artists such as Beck, Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, Amitay’s musical roots are grounded in folk, the blues, and the psychedelic. As a musician, Amitay’s goal is to empower his audience through his music and create a “communal experience” by using honest encounters as inspiration for creating sincere and genuine music. To Amitay, creating is a “way to make sense of the wonders that you see in life and process all there is around us.” While Amitay’s songs mimic the path of his specific life’s ongoing journey, he hopes that by sharing his musical voice, “someone out there can enjoy [his music] and know they’re not alone with how they’re feeling.”

Say Yes” is off of Amitay’s upcoming EP, Here I Am. The release is dedicated to honesty, to the responsibility we have to ourselves and to others to live as authentically as possible. It is an EP about the connections we create and rebuild, about how we find our true, unadulterated selves. Mostly recorded in live sessions, Here I Am is Amitay’s raw attempt at being as genuine as possible. He takes advantage of the organic nature of performance, reflecting his belief in the necessity of welcoming the similarly imperfect events of life.

Say Yes” is out now!