Amani unearths artistic inspiration from the world around her on “Power Games”

South London visionary Amani creates vivid cinematic soundscapes on new single “Power Games” – incorporating colourful sounds and captivating concepts into her musical conceptions. 

The track is enriched with Amani’s emotive vocals, soaring effortlessly over a rich tapestry of textured rhythms. “‘Power Games’ is about breaking the chains that hold you back” Amani concludes succinctly. 

A master in every aspect of her work, Amani is a multidisciplinary creator. Composing her own songs, creating the artwork and directly involved in the production process, the young artist is also a talented live entity, performing sets at Neverworld (formally Lee Fest) and supporting the likes of Fifi Rong and The Bloom​ ​Twins​.

Amani’s dynamic and restless visual creations are a stark indiction of a rising talent.

Tune in below.