Bianca Bazin is an exciting new talent emerging from the UK and based in Surrey. Having spent the last few years perfecting her craft, Bianca is now ready to spread her talent globally with the October 31st release of her debut single ‘Poor Thing’.

On her first release, Bianca has already carved out a unique sound and style by combining lyrical and melodic power with beauty and vulnerability, making Bianca a contemporary yet timeless talent. After Bianca honed her stage skills by performing intimate shows in venues around London such as The Bedford in Balham and Dingwalls in Camden, Bianca progressed to a recent headline slot in the Mateus Tent at The Big Feastival. Bianca has a variety of musical influences, ranging from classical greats like Ludovico Einaudi to contemporary critical darlings such as London Grammar, Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa.

With its slightly syncopated drum beat paving the way for moody guitar drawls and Bianca’s grungy vocals delivering her completely self-written lyrics, Poor Thing is a distinctive culmination of the songstress’s varied influences and a spectacular way for the future sensation to kick things off.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Poor Thing and its music video, Bianca explains:

“This song was written about someone I care very deeply for. We all face our own trials and tribulations in life and this was about the choice to feel self-defeat and self-pity, rather than take responsibility for your life and make positive change.”

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“The idea for the clowns actually came to me in a dream and I loved it. I passed the idea onto the videographers, INFINITE FILM, who went on to help me develop it. The ballet dancer was the most ‘perfect’ image, slick and hauntingly beautiful. From here the hair gets wilder and the imagery grows scarier. The joker smile makeup was about painting on a smile and covering up true feelings. This makeup went on to crack and flake to give the idea of true feelings being uncovered and the show falling apart. The rag doll was to create a feeling of helplessness and letting external forces control you.”

Bianca Bazin