Alt-pop collective sky coloured have released the first single from their second EP ‘in the small hours’ – a polychromatic project inspired by the 1960s jazz and blues classics.

‘In Dreams’, the EP’s lead single, details the pain of fragmented love, as a petty argument hints at the underlying, recurring problems of a relationship. Lead singer Anthony T Jackson’s haunting vocals float above the delicate piano melodies in the track’s opening act, capturing the moment a romantic relationship cracks under pressure.

Anthony explains: “It’s about the idea of happiness people project onto relationships, and the types of self-deception that happen in the service of maintaining them”.

It serves as a bold introduction to the group’s second artistic project, a six-track EP encased in European hymnal tradition and rhythmic melodies. Led by Anthony, the act features a collective of talented London musicians, including trumpeter Emma-Jean Thackray, guitarist Kai Carter and bassist Matt Gedrych.

Merging classical melodies with glittering pop undertones, ‘In Dreams’ is an intriguing introduction to the collective’s unique sound. Tune in below.

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