It’s difficult to scrutinise religion through the lens of popular culture, yet alt-pop collective sky coloured have conjured a record which expertly intertwines the two.

‘in the small hours’, a 6 track EP led by vocalist Anthony T Jackson, draws on inspiration from 1960s jazz and blues classics, combined with a modern-day perspective. Opening with ‘for a moment’, the track details a sense of time embedded in generations of transformation and the destruction of the surrounding landscape – with Anthony’s confessional narrative gliding over a simple plucked guitar.

Following tracks ‘lover come over’ and ‘in dreams’ capture the complexities of love and romance in the digital age, with the proliferation of technology allowing the public world to slowly permeate the private. Taking its name from Frank Sinatra’s LP ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’, the title track conjures Sinatra’s tale of the lonely lovesick man walking the city at night, captured by the vintage synths and intricate jazz melodies.

Explaining the project in a little more detail, Anthony explains: “sky coloured takes cues from a number of different traditions – lyrical song-writing of the 1960s/70s, jazz songs and arrangements, the many forms of the blues – matching it with clear-eyed perspectives on modern life to make personal, contemporary music”.

Although growing up abroad as part of a strict Christian community, Anthony now uses his art as a creative outlet – analysing a western, secular life. His limited exposure to pop music led to a fascination, which, upon his return to Britain became a source of creativity and liberation for the young artist and an escape from the confines of a rigid moral universe.

‘in the small hours’ is a comprehensive body of work that showcases Anthony T Jackson’s ability to craft unique and compelling commentaries of modern-day life. Listen to the project below.