alt-J's release new single 'In Cold Blood'

alt-J release new single ‘In Cold Blood’

It has been nearly three years since alt-J released their sophomore album and the three-piece band are now preparing for the release of their third, ‘Relaxer’ this June. Following the release of lead single ‘3WW’ earlier this month, they have revealed their catchy follow-up ‘In Cold Blood’. Opening with binary code (01110011), it is somewhat reminiscent of previous single ‘Left Hand Free’.

With their characteristically chilled vocals over up-tempo backing beats, this single promises that alt-J will continue doing what they do best. The song gives off summer vibes through the riff “pool, summer, summer, pool, pool, summer”. However there are some twists beneath the surface and the seemingly cheery track intersperses drinking by the pool with lines like ‘Kelly we’re sinking like a bleeding stone’ and ‘Lifeless back slaps the surface of the pool’. The video posted on YouTube continues to use imagery from the cult Playstation game ‘LSD’, which has been a running theme throughout this album cycle so far.

We have another three months to wait for the finished product, but at least the band has given us these two tracks to tide us over until then. Check out ‘In Cold Blood’ and other single ‘3WW’ now.