Alex Blocker Makes Us Wonder

“Makes Me Wonder II”, the newest single from hip hop artist Alex Blocker, finally debuted with a music video that makes us wonder where its been all this time. The single comes from Blocker’s previous album release, Heartbreak Radio that seems to float between the common themes of artist’s in their 20’s – love and love lost. 

According to Blocker, “Makes Me Wonder II” is a “desert love story dedicated to the beauty of black families”.  Now residing in Colorado, Blocker paints the picture with desert landscapes, scenic mountain views, and images from what seems like an ideal Saturday in the life of those who live there. Stopping at old gas stations, driving through idyllic scenery, and finally ending up at the apartment of a woman and little girl, Blocker sings about wondering what could have been.   A video that is artfully shot and produced to match the equally well-crafted lyrics, “Makes Me Wonder II” is the ideal jam to get our summer started.

Alex Blocker breaks boundaries with a genre fusing style of contemporary music that combines elements of R&B, hip-hop, and jazz. Influenced by his Chicago roots, Blocker has expressed musical ingenuity as an instrumentalist and vocalist on six previous releases.  Blocker began his music career producing and recording at YouMedia, an urban creative space in Chicago with previous alumni such as Chance The Rapper, Noname, and Akenya Seymour. Currently collaborating with Colorado artists Nobide and Angelique, he has also shared stages with performers such as Gramatik, Boombox, Masta Ace,  Def-i, Maggie Brown (Daughter of Oscar Brown Jr.), and recorded with John Walt of Chicago’s Pivot Gang.  Blocker’s latest release, Heartbreak Radio, is innovative, fresh, and original and has the tendency to leave audiences grooving and coming back for more.