AKA George shares brooding new video for ‘i want you’

London-based multi-instrumentalist AKA George continues to push boundaries with the release of his innovative new video for ‘i want you‘, out now.

Already known for his ability to pen infectiously anthemic tracks that ooze with an unapologetic charisma, i want you is no exception. Combining bass-heavy beats with hook-laden synths and AKA George’s distinctively alluring vocal, i want you is a fully charged slice of dark-pop that will send shivers down your spine. Talking about the video, which was filmed in lockdown, George explains, “I wanted this video to be dark, like the song. So I picked up my mate Chris and we drove into the woods at midnight. We flooded the forest with the red light, using red gels on the car headlights. We thought we were really clever until we finished filming, packed up our stuff and realised the car wouldn’t start. We had flattened the battery. 3 hours later I’m making it much worse by trying to explain to Daniel from Green Flag why we’re in the middle of the woods with a camcorder, whilst frankly dressed like a gimp. He just shook his head and said “it’s been a weird few days.” Anyway thanks for the jump start Daniel, this one’s for you.”