Aja9 Finds Herself Coming Of Age In Zany Music Video For “Limbo”

Aja9 has a clear mission when it comes to her music. “I want to give people something to relate and connect to. I just want to authentically represent myself. I don’t always feel like I fit in nor do I want to. Being fifteen – I don’t think I have everything figured out. Mistakes help me grow.”

Today, Aja9 is excited to share her music video for her power-pop track “Limbo”. Serving as a representation of her struggle with finding herself in a weird spot between youth and adulthood, the music video, directed by Justin Pagano, visualizes itself as the different sides of Aja9’s personalities as it jumps from lightful youth to a dark zany side – serving as a true representation of who Aja9 is.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Aja knew she was meant to be a performer from an early age. One of her earliest memories is performing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a toy piano and feeling that was just the beginning of her life as an artist. She continued to sing and eventually was inspired by early pop icons, such as Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé, to sing as a hobby and to begin taking voice lessons. It wasn’t until her mom and singing teacher helped enter her in Perez Hilton’s “Can You Sing” contest. In this moment, Aja’s career took an unexpected turn for the better as she was soon declared the winner with her poignant rendition of Sia’s acclaimed hit “Chandelier.”

With support from Radio Disney on her acclaimed single “Limbo,” Aja soon went on tour with the likes of Alex Aiono. As she takes the next steps in her career, Aja has truly come into her own as she finds her place in the world. released her debut EP It’s Complicated in the early summer of 2019. Serving as a collection of songs that encapsulate the trials and tribulations of coming of age, It’s Complicated serves her most developed work to date as her fluorescent vocals are accented by energizing production – creating intricate pop perfection.

Stream Limbo Below: