Sun’s 4’ is a flag in the ground for grime music in New York City. A collaboration between four NYC-based artists; Producer, Aions illustrates what happens when you put three grime MCs out of New York, on a genre that started in the streets of London. MCs Dutchguts, Gi Major and Lord Of Ciphers showcase their unique styles on the track, forfeiting the hook and seamlessly transitioning into each of their verses. Aions makes sure to round off the tune with some New York flavor in his outro, giving the UK-influenced sound a classic hip-hop feel that stateside fans can relate to. 

“Sun’s 4 is a bit of a double entendre. The track represents the energy that the four of us cultivate through our shared love of grime, while also symbolizing the inevitable sunshine after dark days.”EARTHTONE

Set to be released on Sedimentary Sound, the record label founded by longtime grime duo and creative directors, Aions and Gi Major of EARTHTONE, ‘Sun’s 4’ is just a glimpse into the movement these artists have been spearheading since 2015.

This single is both the culmination of years of individual and collective growth, as well as the start of a new chapter in the global expansion of grime. For a long time, New York, possibly the most stubborn city in the world, particularly when it comes to anything seemingly related to hip-hop, has been interested in grime. It slowly opened up, possibly thanks to collaborations between artists like Skepta and A$AP Rocky, and the success of shows like Top Boy in the U.S., allowing fans to become more and more receptive to it. Now, in a world where arts and culture can spread freely, there is a demand for grime in New York. 

This single, and the following projects from each of these artists, marks the beginning of a new wave. And now, for the first time, New York has a home team to root for.

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