Æ MAK Launches Her Love Cult with ‘We Have It Right Here’

Female solo artist Æ MAK creates an other-worldly landscape with the release of her new video ‘We Have It Right Here’.

Aoife McCann uses her self-directed music videos to bring her creative visions to life. The eerie, ritualistic rhythms of the dancing troupe are enrapturing as the track slowly builds into a swathe of chaotic electronic beats. Laced with McCann’s unique vocal stylings and Daniel McIntyre’s (lullahush) hazy, synthesised production, ‘We Have It Right Here‘ is “about appreciating the simple things, what you have in front of you making you happy”.

All the anxieties and worries you have over what you think you should be, what you think the world thinks you should be disintegrating because you’re there with the person you love and there are hours left until dawn breaks before those feelings come to life again.”

“I’d been watching a lot of documentaries about cults” Aoife explains. “Welcome to Æ MAK presents ‘We Have It Right Here: A Love Cult’.

Tune in below.