Adrian Cohen is Alt-Pop’s Answer to Funk’s Vulfpeck

With the recent release of his latest single, The Prom Song ’19,Adrian Cohen is quickly looking to become to alternative-pop music what cult band Vulfpeck are to funk music.

Vulfpeck have become known for their nerdy appreciation of the finer details of popular music history and their Music College sounds – dubbed ‘Berklee Funk.’ In similar fashion, Adrian’s goofy outfits of t-shirts and shorts and his Belle and Sebastian-esque pop ballads draw an easy comparison to Vulfpeck’s smooth and easy sound.

He also shares a similarly ridiculous level of musical skill – being able to hear any song once and then play it back note for note – and also extensive knowledge of music history. With the all-American goofiness of They Might Be Giants and the fractured magic of Daniel Johnston, Adrian Cohen might secretly be one of music’s greatest gifts.

Adrian’s latest album, Jinx, is out now