Addicted to KIll J – Debut Album ‘Superposition’ out now

Danish Art Pop artist KIll J debut album ‘Superposition’, has been in part inspired by science – the artist visited CERN -The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, in preparation for this album – and in part inspired by her personal journey – from her battle to quit smoking in ‘Addicted’ to her personal struggles – in ‘Dead Weight Soldier’ she kills off a fictional A&R. 

It’s an honest record, full of fiery electronics, dark synthsand roaring vocals, through which the talented musicians, stretchesher already dramatic expression in new directions.

Working with producer Liam Howe (FKA Twigs, Lana del Rey), KIll J brings her soul and emotional vulnerability into the mix, creating an irresistible contrast between the more tech side of the album production – in ‘Cloud Chamber’ the effects creating the beat sounds like dripping chemicals – and tracks in which KIll J’s glass-shattering vocal work and top melodies are allowed to stand alone – ‘Moon Sick’ – inspired by the multiverse theory within quantum mechanics – is her Mariah Carey-inspired power ballad.

KIll J’s ‘Superposition’, is a strong debut album, in which the Danish artist never plays by the rule book. Best song: ‘Moon Sick’, ‘Entangled’, where she lets her more vulnerable vocals and melodies breath without too much production, whilst ‘Stutter’ is her most radio-friendly single yet and one we hope to hear on the radio soon.

KIll J ‘Superposition’ is out now via Network Records