Following on his from acclaimed debut single ‘Obvious’ and sophomore release ‘Curse’, Adam Rom returns with romantic new single ‘Back To You’, out on Friday 20th September.  

Carrying a similar vibe to previous singles, ‘Back To You’ sees Adam again package themes of love and loss into an infectious, modern pop ballad. Drawing influence from Justin Bieber and electronic production artist Mura Masa, the track deploys a measured combination of organic and electronic elements.

‘Back To You’ captures the feeling of knowing that a relationship is coming to an end, but neither of you want to accept it just yet. Adam explains. It’s something a lot of people can relate to and it’s something I’ve gone through myself too. 

I wrote the song with Carys Selvey who I also did my second single Curse with and a guy called N8tive..I had a beat already made when I went in the room, but after we’d written the lyrics and melody and I sat with the song for a while I felt it needed some freshening up. 

The 18-year-old released his debut single ‘Obvious’ back in May, a track that has since racked up over 400,000 streams on Spotify and YouTube collectively. The animated record was featured as Best New Pop on BBC Radio 1 and subsequently went onto secure multiple plays and support from BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills who said, ‘If Justin Bieber did that, that would be a worldwide smash’. This was followed up by ‘Curse’, an emotive pop track fusing trap and house elements, while Adam also made his live debut at fashion festival Tokyo Girls Collection last month.

With fruitful influences from his family throughout his youth, Adam’s musical journey began when he picked up a guitar aged 12, the drums and piano soon followed, and when he was then introduced to Logic Pro X production software, it felt like a natural progression. Armed with the skill-set needed to create his own music, he first began penning lyrics and recording tracks in the summer of 2017 and is yet to look back.

With three head-turning singles in quick succession, Adam Rom is an artist poised to become a leading light of the British music scene.

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