It’s a good time to be a Beatles obsessive…following on from last years “Eight Days a Week” movie, featuring previously unseen, fan filmed footage, new clips have emerged featuring the Fabs on location in Austria during the filming of their second motion picture, “Help”.

The footage (shot by “Rumpole of the Bailey” star Leo McKern, who was starring in the film along with the Beatles) had been stored in a garage for more than 50 years. The 8mm film (now in the possession of actor and rare book dealer Neil Pearson) is expected to raise upwards of £35,000 at auction.

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Much of the action involves a very “relaxed” Lennon, McCartney, Starr and Harrison enjoying themselves in the Austrian ski resort of Obertauern. Pearson says “It is footage of golden age Beatles, fooling around between takes, waiting for something to happen”. As well as the Beatles, the film features shots of other “Help” stars including John Bluthal and Eleanor Bron.  Bron is set to appear on BBC’s “The One Show” on Friday to talk about this new discovery.

“Help” was a move away from their previous, grittier film “A Hard Days Night” and was not popular with the band – Lennon once declared that the band felt like extras in their own movie. Since its release in 1965, the film has made its mark in Pop culture, influencing the Monkees wildly successful TV show as well at the ultra-kitsch “Batman” US TV series – it’s also one of celebrated moviemaker Spike Lee’s favourite films.

Photo Credit : Neil Pearson Rare Books

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