EAT, SLEEP, WORK! EAT, SLEEP, WORK! (you all know the hideous daily mantra, right?)

Songwriter musician and producer – the mysterious AKA Lonely Boy locked himself away alone in his studio for most of 2018 to write and record what would become his first album ‘21 st Century Loneliness’ : A concise and focused commentary on today’s society and the human condition in the modern world set to the backdrop of driving beats, soaring melodies and anthemic choruses.

The perfect starting point to introduce him and his music to the world at large is the relentless, synth driven ‘Repetition’. Here the Monotony and dirge of everyday life is brought under the microscope.

In a time when the mantra of eat, sleep, work is firmly embedded in the collective psyche – the notion that there is always a choice is a brave one – Does it always have to be …


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