Morrissey has announced his first show of 2017; The Roxy Festival in Guadalajara on April 1st. His headline slot will see him play alongside fellow Manchester icons James, as well as Empire of the Sun and Smash Mouth. Not only is this his first announcement of the year, but it’s also his first announcement since he was forced to cancel a string of tour dates last year, due to his keyboard player Gustavo Manzur falling ill.

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The show was announced on his official fan website True To You, with the use of one of the internet’s favourite Trump memes – the meme had been edited by Sam Esty Rayner to make it so that one of Trump’s executive orders is Morrissey’s own 2014 album title ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’.

Sam Esty Rayner is Morrissey’s nephew and a celebrated photographer, responsible for the recording of Morrissey’s homecoming show at the Manchester Arena last August, the ‘Xmoz’ photographs, Morrissey’s Supreme Campaign and his official video for the single ‘Kiss Me A Lot’. He also recently shared a version of Morrissey’s 2009 album ‘Years of Refusal’, where his edit replaced the baby on the cover with a Trump-faced baby.

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