Mick Jagger has a 'masterpiece' memoir in the can, but you'll probably never read it

Mick Jagger has a ‘masterpiece’ memoir in the can, but you’ll probably never read it

Ever wondered why Mick Jagger hasn’t written a memoir yet?  Turns out he has, but decades ago.  Publisher John Blake revealed that Jagger wrote a 75,000 word memoir in the early eighties that has yet to see release.  The memoir was allegedly a reaction against the stream of unauthorised books on The Rolling Stones, with Jagger looking to set the record straight on a few things he did (and didn’t) do.  The book was turned down because, surprisingly, “it was light on sex and drugs”, according to Blake.

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While the book may not feature too many of Jagger’s sexual and narcotic escapades, it did feature plenty of anecdotes – ranging from Jagger buying his first mansion to him tripping on acid whilst horse riding.  The book may well have seen the light of day only a few years ago had other events not taken precedence.  Blake approached Jagger’s manager, Joyce Smith, asking if Jagger would approve his long forgotten memoir for release, but he was told that Jagger had no memory of even writing the book.  Tentative plans to release the tome – with a new foreward by Jagger – were laid, but work and the death of Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, put paid to those plans and Jagger seems to have since lost interest in seeing the book released.

When fellow Stone Keith Richards wrote his autobiography, ‘Life’, he received a nearly five million pound advance and the book quickly became an international best seller, shifting a million copies in a year.  In many ways, then, it’s a surprise that Jagger hasn’t written a new memoir or at least published his old one; but at this point the former seems more likely than the latter.