Matthias Gusset reveals soothing video for ‘arp 142’

Faced with his piano, alone in his Basel studio, Matthias Gusset composes and interprets neo- to post-classical piano music and only recently released his third solo album 3, on Radicalis Music. Now, with fine melodies, soft harmonies and clear structures Gusset’s fresh sense of minimalism is expressed in a beautiful, single-shot video for the track arp 142.

The track is an emerging album highlight to follow previous, popular singles, Hain, Gravitation and Wiege.

Named after a colliding pair of galaxies discovered by NASA‘s Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, existing 300 million light years from the Milky Way, arp 142’s gentle, undulating melody and disciplined sparseness is a prime example of Gusset’s current preoccupations. Describing 3 as ‘an ode to the universe and the magic of being’, the artist is looking up in wonder at the vastness of space, time and existence.  With accompanying song titles: Gravitation, Exoplanet and Nebula, the scene couldn’t be more obviously set.

With waves of expressive melodies and changing harmonies, the album weaves delicately before peaking to become a raging torrent, intending to carry the listener on a poignant, point-to-point journey.  3 follows two, prior solo outings, 2009’s 1 and 2014’s 2 – both self-recorded and released – with his latest studio project emerging as a 10-piece album of confident compositions and clear narrative. Gusset’s work starts spontaneously at the piano, then developed to form themes and crafted melodies, each piece adopting distinct, storytelling qualities as a result.