Mariano Di Gabriele shares laidback new single ‘Write This Song With Me’

Delaware singer-songwriter Mariano Di Gabriele’s story began at college when he jumped in head first, electing to take merely his guitar as his primary source of leisure.

Besotted with songwriting shortly after, he found his honest sound amongst the laid back pop sounds of the mid-’00s, defined by his personal storytelling that pulls influence from his rich background. With what started in his college dorm room, he is now captivating audiences across the east coast of North America with his grassroots live performances and to an ever-expanding audience online.

He’s turning heads and catching ears the world over, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams online, radio play across North America and has most notably performed alongside the likes of JoJo, Andy Grammer, Mason Ramsey, with a strong view of selflessly donating most proceeds to charity, as well as performing at many benefit concerts each year.

Speaking to the motivation behind Write This Song With Me, Mariano states:

In the song, the act of “writing a song” is used as a metaphor for building a life with someone that you care about deeply. I delve into emotions that anyone can relate to; the feelings of endless care for a person, the inevitable feeling of uncertainty for the future, and a longing to build a life with someone that is important to you. The song touches on the sentiment that even if the future is uncertain, at least we can go through that uncertainty together and write our own story.

“Write This Song with Me” pulls together all of my biggest influences, creating a song that takes many genres and braids them together into one work. In this song, you can get a taste of how much pop music, folk music, country music, and other styles have all influenced my sound. When I write music, I don’t go for a particular genre, I just write the songs that I am feeling in my heart. When you do that, you don’t always get a “one genre” result, but what I do always guarantee is a certain energy and songs that can evoke some kind of emotional response from listeners.