The Manic Street Preachers finally get an opportunity to write a football anthem for their home nation

The Kieran Evans-directed video for the Manic Street Preachers Wales Euro 2016 anthem ‘Together Stronger (Come on Wales)’ premiered exclusively on WalesOnline at nine o’clock this morning.

The song itself has proven to be a valiant effort.  The band had expressed an interest in writing a song for the occasion in the past, but unfortunately the occasion never arose – until now. It succeeds in creating a profound sense of unity that is completely infectious and euphoric. It almost feels like a rebirth, as if it helps to break through the cloud that has shrouded the Welsh team over the last fifty years.

It’s a track than can be enjoyed equally as much away from the field, so don’t worry if your sporting knowledge isn’t quite up to scratch. There is a sense of uplifting melancholia that holds true to the nature of the Manic Street Preachers, making it just as listenable for both the non-Welsh and the football-ignorant.

James Dean Bradfield dutifully belts out the well-informed lyrics of Nicky Wire, which depict a beautiful blend of the latter’s passions for both sport and history, adding a deep sincerity that a lot of past football anthems lacked. The vocals override backing instrumentation that is swelling equally as much with patriotic pride; Sean Moore’s stadium-moving drum beat holds the entire song together, while Bradfield allows his guitar to sing, incorporating a riff that drives the song along with victorious vigour.

While the track has provoked mixed-feelings among some fans, the majority recognise that it is a statement not to be overcomplicated, but one to simply be enjoyed.

‘Together Stronger (Come on Wales)’ will be available from Friday 13th of May. All profits are to be donated to the Welsh charities Prince Gate Trust and Tenovus Cancer Care.

This Manic Street Preachers article was written by Tyler Turner, a GIGsoup contributor

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