Lorde reveals ‘Melodrama’ tracklist

After releasing two months ago the singles “Green Light” and “Liability”, and presenting her new one, “Homemade Dynamite”, at Coachella Festival last month; the New Zealand pop star, Lorde, has now revealed on her Twitter page, the tracklist for her new album ‘Melodrama’, which will be released on 16 June via Republic Records

This is her second album, following ’Pure Heroine’, which came out in 2013 and was immediately a big success.

Lorde, speaking to The New York Times, told that “ ‘Melodrama’ would tell the story of a single house party and that this would allow her to organize a variety of moods into a tense but cohesive whole”

Below you’ll find the tracklist

1. Green Light
2. Sober
3. Homemade Dynamite
4. The Louvre
5. Liability
6. Hard Feelings / Loveless
7. Sober II (Melodrama)
8. Writer In The Dark
9. Supercut
10. Liability (Reprise)
11. Perfect Places