London music venue “Earls Court” is set to be demolished to create four “villages” and a “high street”, it has today been announced. Developers have stated that they hope to create 7,500 homes and thousands of permanent jobs.

However, the “Save Earls Court” campaign states that the loss of this venue would cause a huge loss of trade and that the center should actually be listed.

London Mayer Boris Johnson said he was “acutely aware of the concerns” some residents had. But, he added: “I’m in no doubt that the development will provide a massive boost not just to this part of the capital, but to London’s wider economy as well.”

Labour London Assembly Member Tom Copley said on Twitter: “Very disappointed but not at all surprised that the Mayor has approved demolition of Earls Court Exhibition Center.

The loss of the music venue is another shock to London’s music scene. The Iconic “London Astoria” was closed in 2009 and has since been demolished to make way for the London Rail Links (aka Crossrail) project.

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