Like Swimming share politically charged and diverse an indie pop EP ‘Resistance’

Winsomely catchy love (and death) songs, seamless harmonies, lightly propulsive rhythms, and a knack for blending the acoustic with the electronic are of few of the complex ways to describe DigSin signed Swedish indie-pop trio Like Swimming. Claes Carlström, Ida Hedene, and Petter Wesslander create music so clear, and so vivid, it’s as if you can see to the bottom.

Emerging as an act in their early stages in late 2012, they have spent the time sharing their sound with the world, to both an ever-increasing international fanbase online, and in their dynamic live performances that have ranged from tiny living room performances to big stages. Their well-travelled, well-polished sound forges forward fueled by the strength of their musical, vocal and songwriting talent.

Following on from the well-received 2018 single Strike A Pose, and The Ground from earlier this year, consider appetites suitably whet for the forthcoming first part of double EP: ‘Resistance / Relations’. The division of the album into a two-part EP is an attempt for the band to get all their political frustration out in the first part, ‘Resistance’, to make room for the ups and downs of personal battles in the second part, ‘Relations’, coming later this year.

Resistance is an exposée of the breadth of their talents as a band, they dip into different genres and vibes with ease all while retaining their distinct sound via the soaring vocal and stellar songwriting.

Find Like Swimming online at their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.