This Lana Del Reyarticle was written by Leah Kelly, a GIGsoup contributor.

Fancy having a quick chat with Lana Del Rey today? You might get the chance if you call this number: 1-800-268-7886

Lana Del Rey has reportedly been accepting phone calls from numerous fans who have called the “Honeymoon Hotline” number displayed on the cover of her new album ‘Honeymoon’.

It was rumoured that the singer/songwriter may be taking calls for this number, after she took to Instagram to post a photo with the caption “call me, I’m home alone x”.

Many hopefuls attempted this, however only a handful were known to have actually connected to Del Rey.

Previous to this event, when her fans called the number, they heard pre-recordings of songs and messages which were updated weekly prior to the release of Honeymoon on September the 18th. However, now people are claiming to be connected to Lana herself.

Del Rey’s album Honeymoon, was released last week by UMG recordings

Lana Del Rey is answering calls from her Honeymoon Hotline

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