Kat Frankie channels Janet Jackson in new video for single ‘Home’

Dropping the music video for her second single ‘Home’, Kat Frankie channels a bit of ‘Rhythm Nation’ in her latest effort and brings the effervescent style of Janet Jackson back to the visual.

Taken from her upcoming album ‘Bad Behaviour’, due out February 2nd. ‘Home’ is as equally calm as it can be brash, explosive and abrasive. With the inspiration from ‘Rhythm Nation’ being taken from the original pop protest against racial inequality from Ms. Jackson. Kat Frankie tackles the ever topical #blacklivesmatter protests and marriage equality. Problems still present in both her original and adopted homelands of Germany and Australia.

With constant political imagery throughout the video, this is matched sonically with Kat Frankie’s voice almost fighting against the erratic use of guitar to be heard at times in the track.

Channeling the likes of modern talents Christine and the Queens but also Jessie Ware. Kat Frankie brings a real sensibility of urgency and simultaneous raw emotion to the track. With the battle-cry she’s trying to accentuate brought to life by dystopian guitar-riffs. Gender-blurring costumes are also broken down with the exuberant appropriation and queering of militaristic aesthetics.

Watch the video for ‘Home’ below.

‘Home’ by Kat Frankie is available NOW from Grönland Records // The upcoming album ‘Bad Behaviour’ is available February 2nd