Marilyn Manson has revealed a somewhat uncomfortable conversation between himself and Justin Bieber, which led to Manson playing an epic prank on the pop singer. While wearing a repurposed Manson shirt Bieber claimed “I made you relevant again” while face to face with the antichrist superstar.

In 2016 Justin Bieber released an identical version of a Marilyn Manson shirt featuring a large image of Manson’s face on the front. Bieber’s team repurposed the shirt with ‘Justin Bieber’ written on the back of the shirt, charging a ridiculous $195 for it at luxury retailer Barney’s meanwhile you can grab the actual Manson shirt for under $19 at Hot Topic.

Manson calls Bieber a “piece of shit” for ruining his vintage shirt, you can say the Manson/Bieber bromance is officially over!

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