Juiceboxxx unveils official video for ‘Coinstar Song’ shot entirely in Tik Tok.

Who is Juiceboxxx? Juiceboxxx is the best kind of crazy–an appropriate term for the interesting times in which we live–which is to say: insatiably creative and working with positivity in the face of darkness. Music is, as Juice himself says, essential, and for life. And no one else on earth is approaching it quite like him.

His new single Coinstar Song” is out now via Dangerbird Records. Produced by Juiceboxxx and Joel Hamilton (who has worked with everyone from Black Keys to Cam’Ron to Iggy Pop), the track is taken from his forthcoming new album and is about using a machine that converts your desperate, random left-over coin collection into cold hard cash, all in the name of “trying to get by.” Well. Who couldn’t relate to that? Simply put, “Coinstar Song” is the new precarity anthem for a generation of young people living one day at a time.

And just to add to the wonderful weirdness of the proceedings, the official video to the track was shot entirely in Tik Tok. Director Eugene Kotlyarenko came up with the concept (check out his film Wobble Palace). The video was shot during a hectic 24 hour trip in LA followed by post-production casting. And of course, some of Juice’s friends make cameos too. Juice says: “We tried to do something in the inspiring spirit of Tik Tok and I think we actually really f**king did it, for real. I don’t know, I could talk all day about this shit but just watch the video now and try to stay positive”. And you can’t say fairer than that. Check it out…