Huddersfield RnB/Soul singer-songwriter Jordan Higo follows up his recent single Ain’t Love with another new track today, the sweet and soulful Mum. The new track showcases his caramel-soft voice against beautiful piano lines, and is a timely letter of devotion and gratitude to his own mother.

It’s out now on Ellemer Records (also home to rising indie-RnB artist Link Lewis), and you can check it out on Spotify below –

“My Mum, like you hear me say in the song, really is “the strongest woman in my life”. I’ve wanted for nothing in my life, she’s always made sure I’ve felt safe and secure and loved,” explains Higo.

“Growing up, I was oblivious to a lot of the struggles my Mum faced bringing me up, struggles you can only start to comprehend as you become an adult yourself – as well as the hard work and sacrafices she made to give me a good life.

My parents split up when I was four-months-old. My Mum returned to work straight away and worked extremely had to make sure she could make a good life for her new baby (me). Since then, it’s just been me and her living together in our home. For the past 25 years, we have laughed, cried, sang and danced our way through everything together.

I can honestly say my Mum is my best friend. She’s done more for me than I can ever repay. I wanted to write this song to show her how much she means to me, to show her that I know how hard she worked to give me a good life and to tell her that I appreciate everything she’s done.”

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