Jon Stancer Shares New Cover of Neil Young’s “Comes a Time”

Jon Stancer‘s songs comprise and embrace a variety of popular styles, but he is mostly considered an alternative-pop-rock artist. He has worked and collaborated with many other artists over the years, including singer-songwriter John Southworth, musician and composer, Sam Allison (aka Lotus Wight), musician and producer, Hawksley Workman, musician and producer, Jono Grant, musician and producer Dominic Salole (aka Mocky), musicians Dan Kurtz (Dragonette; The New Deal) and Jamie Shields (The New Deal), and musician and producer, Sam Willows (Avenue).

Social distancing required Stancer to work remotely on his new take on the Neil Young classic, “Comes a Time,” with co-producer Jono Grant. It was a smooth and rather uneventful recording experience, save for the circumstances under which it took place.

There’s an overall sense of beauty and awe about this song, but with a tinge of what feels like a warning or caution – even in the upbeat, countrified version of the original. This is a less gleeful, perhaps more dramatic rendering – likely, a reflection of how the world has looked and felt over the last few years. There’s an air of disquietude to it.