Johnny Marr recently spoke about plans for new solo material in an interview with NME.  The ex-Smiths guitarist’s solo career started relatively recently; his first proper solo album, ‘The Messenger,’ having only been released in 2013.  Marr spoke about plans for following up 2014’s ‘Playland’, suggesting that the album will take a different shape to past efforts.  “I’m not very keen on repeating myself.  Me and my band have got a sound and I just want to be a better lyricist, be a better singer and be a better frontman.

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Marr also touched on his attitude towards politics in music, saying that “[I don’t like the] idea that pop music, culture or any of the arts shouldn’t tamper with politics. If you’ve got something to say, you should say it.“, meaning that the album may take a more political slant than past efforts.

Marr also touched on the topic of collaborations, naming a few fellow artists whom he’d particularly like to work with.  Though perhaps not the most obvious of pairings, contemporary composer Hans Zimmer made the list, as well as Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and Beck.  Marr previously guested on Beck’s 1999 record Midnite Vultures, but no further collaborations between the two have been made as of yet.

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