Jesse McCartney Releases Acoustic Versions Of ‘Yours’ and ‘Friends’

Jesse McCartney is one of the most recognizable names in show business. With numerous platinum songs and a platinum record, several acting credits, the man was even the voice for Theodore in Alvin and The Chipmunks. Jesse McCartney does it all. But at the core, we all love the music Jesse makes. This is why the news of two new releases from Jesse is so exciting.

On Friday, the star released two new acoustic singles ‘Yours’ and ‘Friends.’

“I like to record acoustic tracks to give people a chance to hear the song in their purest form without any production to let the songs stand on their own.” McCartney Says.

Both songs are impressive and will be ones your singing all day long. ‘Yours’ is incredibly introspective. The singer expresses, “There’ll always be a side of me no one ever gets to see,” and while that is true, the lyrics in the song help us see a side of Jesse we have never seen. Taking us through steps of being the poster on every bedroom wall, and an array of other roles he has played in a life in the spotlight. After reflecting back on a long list of impressive experiences, the artist begins to look forward to the potential experiences that he could have. Add ‘Yours’ to an already long list of hits from Jesse McCartney.

‘Friends’ is a mellow summer night song about relationships you hold dear. With the chorus echoing, “Thank God I got my friends/I don’t even wanna know where I’d be without them” the track will have you itching to be back to the people that you are closest to. Just as he goes through memories in his song with his friends, the song will transport you to some of yours as well. “Good times go wherever we are” is a lyric, and a good time will be wherever this song is played.

Both songs highlight and preview Jesse’s upcoming fifth full-length album, which is due to release later this year. Based on the first two songs, the collection is looking to be a can’t miss record of 2020.

Listen to the two new singles at

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