JayQ the Legend’s ‘Amazing Girl’ Hit Celebrates Vice Presidency Bid of Kamala Harris and Women World Leaders

Already being used by Pamela Smith-Wright during her campaign to become the first female and African American mayor in Owensboro, KY, JayQ The Legend Talks about how his new single ‘Amazing Girl’ is inspired by the incredible work of women in power during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If COVID-19 has proven one thing, it is that female leaders are far better at dealing with a health-related crisis. Data from Our World in Data shows that countries lead by women averaged far less coronavirus cases per million people. This outcome has prompted further research and a media frenzy surrounding the topic of women in power. According to the JRC, “there is evidence that governments that have a higher female representation are more impartial, more efficient and less corrupt”.

This begs the question; would we be better off with more women in high positions of power?

St. Croix-born musician JayQ the Legend seems to think so. Inspired by the world around him in his song writing, JayQ wrote his latest single ‘Amazing Girl’ in anticipation of more women assuming power in high-up political positions in 2020. JayQ had a potential woman US VP candidate in mind when he wrote the song back in April.

JayQ speaks on what women leadership means to him:

“I am a big believer in women in leadership positions”, says JayQ The Legend, “and thought it was timely to write an anthem for women. Amazing Girl celebrates all women and amazing girls worldwide. I know we will be led into a better future by phenomenal women. As a black man, who has been surrounded by amazing women of all races and creeds my whole life, this is my message to you, YOU ARE AMAZING AND I’M YOUR BIGGEST CHAMPION.”

The new single and video aim to celebrate ‘amazing girls’ from around the world and is even being used for political campaigns for women candidates in the US.

 ‘Amazing Girl’ has recently snagged the number 2 spot in the official UK black charts, leaving the big stars playing catch-up to the summer anthem! It has had a resurgence on the iTunes Dance Charts after reaching a high of #6.

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