Jarvis Cocker covers Scott Walker at the BBC Proms

The ever charismatic Jarvis Cocker best known for his role as the front man of British band Pulp has since moved on to solo endeavours with his iconic thick framed glasses still in tow – his most recent one being his appearance at the BBC proms.

Cocker – now 53 – covered 4 songs from Scott Walker’s impressive lyrical catalogue at the BBC proms as a tribute to the icon. Supported by the the Heritage Orchestra and English conductor Jules Buckley, Cocker performed an array of Walker songs including ‘Plastic Palace People’, ‘Boy Child’, ‘The War Is Over (Sleepers)’ and ‘Little Things (That Keep Us Together)’.

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During an interview with BBC radio 6 music, on which Cocker hosts ‘Sunday Service‘ – Walker offered Cocker some advice on how to tackle and indeed interpret the songs, prompting him to: “Try to approach it in a new way.” and Cocker did just that. Cocker also asked Walker about “lyrical concerns” to which Walker replied: “I can’t help you there, unfortunately. You have to find your own way into that. I just did it the way I did it.” That wasn’t a problem for Cocker, best known for his unique and individualistic yet profound lyrical style, encouraging the listener to think in a deeper, more intrinsic way. This particular interview was Walker’s first radio interview in 3 years, it seems only fitting that it was with Jarvis Cocker who would go on to perform a host of Walker’s songs at the proms; the fact that the two know each other only helped to improve the performance and give it deeper meaning.

Cocker was not the only one to perform a homage to Walker at the Proms which took place in the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night (July 25) – The 75 minute show also saw Richard Hawley, John Grant and Susanne Sundfør take on some of Walker’s greatest songs.

You can watch the afore mentioned performances HERE