James Gillespie had one of the more impressive debuts with his first track, ‘What You Do.’ In less than a month, the song had amassed over 500,000 monthly streams and achieved success globally, even hitting number 7 on the UK Viral Spotify charts. 

Gillespie later followed that with his debut album Safe, which saw major success as well. Gathering over 65 million streams, the album has a number of top tracks in ‘Dead In The Water,’ ‘ICFTI,’ ‘Someday Sundays,’ and more. 

Now, the English born, Scottish raised singer-songwriter is back with a fresh new single ‘Rescue Me.’ 

“Rescue Me takes a deep look into a messed up relationship that’s entirely my fault. It’s about wanting to be saved and, at the same time, knowing you don’t deserve to be. It’s realizing that you’ve been broken since the beginning and no matter what you do – that won’t change. All that’s left is to pretend that you’re not until it all falls down around you,” James says.

The recently released single serves as a perfect preview for what is to come in James’ highly anticipated second album, which will be released later this year. His lyrics are raw and vulnerable, recognizing he is broken, he calls to be rescued. Some of the lyrics cut deep in moments of self-reflection, recognizing mistakes, and other ways that he has been wronged. “When you’ve been brought up by fire, the rain can last forever. I’ve seen, too much, too young to know that there’s salt in every weather.”

Not only does James Gillespie always deliver strong vocal performances, but he also co-produces his own songs along with his longtime friend Andy Hall Hall (Jack Garratt, Rag n Bone Man.) Such work has garnered him praise from the likes of Elton John and seen features in Complex, Euphoria, and more. 

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