Izi Phoenix drops dreamy new folk single See Us Go Alone

Cambridge singer-songwriter Izi Phoenix is back today with his new single See Us Go Alone. The dreamlike, mesmerising new indie-folk track creates a beautifully subtle musical landscape and is available now on all streaming and download platforms.

Fans of Mazzy Star, Elliott Smith and early Bon Ever should allow this one to wrap them up in a warm & fuzzy folk blanket for the weekend. Listen below now…

See Us Go Aloneis about leaving your old life and starting a new one,” explains Phoenix. “Not abandoning the old one and the people you love, but by being absent for a while it gives you the chance to be completely open without any prior judgement to live, learn and grow in the world. At the end the lyric ‘see you there’ is reassuring that this isn’t goodbye. You’ve brought me up into this person who’s ready for the world and I’d like you to come see who I’ll become.”

See Us Go Aloneis driven by the ethereal dual voices of Izi Phoenix and Xena Phoenix. A partnership in life as well as music, Izi taught Xena to ride a motorcycle whilst Xena taught Izi about the value of friendship – and after that they continued to learn from and be taught by each other like two rivers flowing into the sea, the music evolving from the first trickle of rain to the great torrents carving through the land.

Find Izi Phoenix at facebook.com/iziphoenixmusic, twitter.com/iziphoenixmusic and instagram.com/iziphoenixmusic now.