Is the Gallagher truce over?

They are a band whose feud has been followed for the better half of ten years. From Noel’s exit of their first American tour after Liam hit him with a tambourine, to Liam’s twitter admission November last year, the Oasis brothers’ feud still remains. Whilst Liam stated on Twitter in December that the band isn’t getting back together, he did comment that his brother had ‘called a truce’.

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Now it has come to light that, after only a month, the truce has come to an end. Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to vent his anger last night, stating ‘f*** the truce’ when questioned by a fan. This came after a string of tweets blasting his brothers’ support for Johnny Marr and Paul Weller, after Noel’s comments taking a swipe at Liam in an interview last month.

Noel stated that he was ‘offended by singer/songwriters’ who ‘don’t do any f***ing songwriting’. His list of those who have an ‘army of songwriters’ behind them included Ed Sheeran and ‘Our Kid’ (Liam).

Liams’ reaction of commenting on Twitter isn’t abnormal, but is this the end of the brothers’ feud? Of course, we can’t blame Liam for lashing out in his usual way to his brother, but this is sure to be sad news for Oasis fans.

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