Paddy Dennehy - Photography by Ruth Medjber @ruthlessimagery

Irish folk Singer-Songwriter, Paddy Dennehy Releases ‘Feed The Full’

After years spent honing his craft, this Summer sees Cork-based Irish folk singer-songwriter, Paddy Dennehy release his soul-searching debut album, Little Light. His brand-new single/video, ‘Feed The Full’ is out now.

Paddy Dennehy chooses not to shy away from life’s biggest questions. An instinctive and commanding songwriter, his music stops at nothing to seek our deepest, and innermost truth. He exudes an acute awareness, a definitive understanding for the application of his vision. Through a compelling combination of personal and character driven recollections, Little Light discusses topics of love, loss, loneliness and religion. Stark, genuine and deeply captivating, it’s a body of work defined by bold and grandiose intentions.

Following in the footsteps of previously released tracks ‘Snow Song’ and ‘Abednego’, his new single, ‘Feed The Full’ is a thorough interrogation of religion’s representation of love. Through coarse and disarming vocals, Dennehy scrutinises his displaced faith in God and heartbreak between lovers.

Paddy Dennehy: “The phrase ‘God is love’ appears in some iteration in most world religions. If God truly is love, does that mean when a person stops loving you, God doesn’t exist? Even before setting aside my own agnosticism, I realise that this is a huge leap to make, but thankfully I take some creative license when I write.”

With already a number of impressive accolades tied to his belt, Dennehy has enjoyed guest performances on Dublin’s Late Late Show and has also played alongside the celebrated Irish folk artist, Glen Hansard at Cork’s Everyman Theatre. Previously supporting Irish stalwarts such as Imelda MayLisa Hannigan and Mick Flannery, he’s also filled out headline shows at venues such as Cyprus Avenue and Dolans Warehouse. Dennehy has performed at a string of major music festivals, most notably playing the ‘Trailer Park Stage’ at 2016’s Electric Picnic

‘Feed The Full’ is available online now. Little Light is set to be released on 12th June 2020. Stay tune for more details.