Inklings return with ‘Dizzy’ and news of second EP ‘Is This Who You Are?’

A little over a month since the release of bonafide bop ‘Sertraline’, Inklings, the musical vision of Kier Kemp, are swiftly back in our lives with ‘Dizzy’, a bold track with an astronomical, heavy chorus you can’t help but belt out. Speaking of the importance of this song, Kemp noted: ‘it’s a song about self-doubt. A song about thinking that you’ve changed forever and your best days are behind you. Essentially it‘s about wondering if you’ll ever be the same again after something bad has happened. But more importantly it’s about challenging that idea’.   

With Inklings’ second EP ‘Is This Who You Are?’ on the horizon, we have less than three months to wait until the next chapter in this story of self-exploration which is very exciting indeed. Kemp says of the EP: ‘[Is This Who You Are?] ended up being the name of the EP as I felt that’s what all these songs were really about. Not giving in, making tough decisions and moving on if you can’. A truly positive message indeed and we simply cannot wait to hear it.   

‘Is This Who You Are?’ is released on August 28th 2020 via Marshall Records.