Imogen Mahdavi’s debut ‘Doormat Darling’ is pop perfection

London-based singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi is a pop artist like no other. Masterfully weaving soulful 60s inspired pop with modern concepts, she pens songs that are equal parts confessional, cinematic and pensive.

Doormat Darling is the perfect introduction to her refined soundscape. Led by her timeless, honeyed vocal, Imogen harmoniously ensnares your consciousness, conjuring the same sensation as the first time you heard Amy Winehouse. Delivered with the same tenacity as R&B household names through the decades, and syphoned through a contemporary production that runs the length between heady trip-hop laced electronica and dreamy 60s pop, Doormat Darling is a truly standout debut from a gifted artist.

Speaking to the motivation behind Doormat Darling, Imogen shares:
It’s me realising that I am an emotional person and I am growing comfortable expressing that – without the fear of judgment from other people. I am who I am, whether it’s ugly or not. This song plays with the constraints of pushing and pulling, of restricting myself and releasing myself into freedom.

Find Imogen Mahdavi online at her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.