Yorkshire pop-rock trio Hazy Days are back today with a new single, the aptly titled New Beginnings. Marking a more mature and timeless approach to their indie-rock songwriting, the song showcases powerful piano and guitar driven melodies alongside driving drums.

Fans of The Maine, The Fray and early Coldplay will find lots to enjoy here. It’s available on streaming and download platforms now – check it out on Soundcloud below.

Hazy Days are a 3-piece rock band from in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire. Formed while the three members where still at school, they’ve spent the years since exploring and honing their sound. The band settled upon the moniker Hazy Days in 2017, and since then the boys have been busy gigging and earning their stripes on the fertile West Yorkshire music scene. 

Sure, their sound is influenced by classic Led Zeppelin style rock, Seattle grunge and British greats like The Beatles and Oasis. But this is rock rewired for a new generation. Explosive drums, hand blurring guitar and rhythmic bass combine with introspective lyrics about teenage life today – less sex, drugs and rock and roll and more relationships, fake news, mental health. Hazy Days write anthems for our times, best heard live and played loud.

Find Hazy Days at facebook.com/hazydaysband, twitter.com/hazydaysband and instagram.com/hazydays band now.