The Latest release from the Alt Studio Sessions titled “The Crater Song” as performed by Hayelala offers an exciting window seat view into the raw and refined identity of Alt Studios. Filmed in their state of the art acoustic room, Alt provided Hayelala with the ideal setting to create a one of a kind experience mixing live set vibes with the rawness of the recording process. The video itself highlights the simplistic approach Alt Studios permits through their unparalleled setting, producing a well edited and unrestrained rendering of “The Crater Song” as performed by Hayelala.

Alt studios, designed by the legendary acoustic John Brandt and inspired by the iconic Beatles recording session held at Abbey Road Studios in 1965, offers the first-ever collaborative recording environment in Israel. Alt Studios promotes the practice of interface and facilitation, symbiotically capturing musical moments in time whilst building the relationship between audience member and artist in a direct and pure fashion. 

Hayelala described their experience with Alt as “…a refreshing dose of palpable tension created through wanting to get the recording just right and having the added effect of a live audience.” Alt studios has worked with the likes of The Paz Band, Hanan Ben Simon, Gur Yaniv and Eran Fink and continue to grow their release schedule with some exciting new projects within the coming months and into the new year.  

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