HAARM’s New Video Joyfully Highlights Daily Moment Of Lockdown Exercise Freedom

Liverpool alt-pop songwriting team HAARM have released a poignant video for their latest single ‘Take Me Away’, which is out now on all good digital service providers.

A beautifully choreographed sunset ode to the joy of the union between music, movement, and the outdoors, the focus is on the moment of freedom that we all experience once a day during the lockdown, and how we can seize this opportunity to express ourselves creatively, despite the limitations.

The video was directed by the band’s long-time artistic collaborator, Peter Michael, who described his vision for the film as capturing “one walk to take you away”, and features dancer/choreographer, Yos Clark.

Commenting on the idea, the band said: “We had planned to film the video for ‘Take Me Away’ a few weeks ago, but of course we had to push that back since we’re all stuck at home. In the meantime, our good friend, long-term photographer/videographer and all round insanely talented human being Peter Michael—who was going to direct the video anyway—asked his housemate (who just so happens the wonderfully talented dancer Yos Clark) if he fancied putting on in his headphones, popping on the song and going for his one walk a day—this is what happened.”

As an extension of the video, the band are now calling upon dancers (whether professional or not) to submit their own lockdown dance videos for ‘Take Me Away’ to haarmband@gmail.com so they can share the best ones on their social media accounts. “Anything goes,” say the band, “it’s just about the expression of freedom.”

‘Take Me Away’ is out now via all good digital service providers.