Photo by John Crawford c/o Caroline International

Nine Inch Nails return with new track ‘Less Than’

‘Less Than’ brings you back to the beginning of the classic early Nice Inch Nails music, which consists of heavily foreboding lyrics, electric guitars and synthesizer riffs.

The track come from the upcoming album, ‘Add Violence’ which in turn is the second album in the set of a three album series. The first, ‘Not The Actual Events’ came out in December of 2016 and featured a set of five songs, ‘Branches/Bones’, ‘Dear World’, ‘She’s Gone Away’, ‘The Idea of You’, and ‘Burning Bright(Field on Fire’). ‘Not The Actual Events’ is quintessential Nine Inch Nails, electronica alternative rock. Less Than fits in the series of music brought forth by ‘Add Violence’, however it brings back more of the early upbeat, up tempo sounds from the early nineties, Nine Inch Nails.

‘Add Violence’ album is set to be released, July 21, 2017. It follows suit as a five EP track with songs that include ‘Less Than’, ‘The Lovers’, ‘This Isn’t the Place’, ‘Not Anymore and The Background World’. If ‘Less Than’ is an precursor to what is to come on the new album, fans will embrace the tracks due to its nostalgic paradigmatic sound that made fans fall in love with the band from first listen almost thirty years ago.

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