AI start up Amper raises $4 million in funding

The future is coming, well the future is already here, did you see Westworld?! But now even better, computers can make music at the flick of a button, a la- hello Amper!

Film composer Drew Silverstein, along with colleagues Sam Estes and Michael Hobe have created an Automatic Intelligence(AI) programme that creates original and licence free music (Yes!) on demand.

The programme is designed to collaborate with humans and be autonomously creative whilst also being easy to use for those who know nothing about composition.

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One of Silverstone’s driving beliefs behind the creation of the programme is that the future of music is going to be created in collaboration between humans and AI-” “We want that collaborative experience to propel the creative process forward. If we’re going to do that, we have to teach computers to be intrinsically creative.

Luckily for them then, Amper, has raised $4 million in funding; the money coming from Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Foundry Group, Kiwi Venture Partners and Advancit Capital. Amper had  previously raised money from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and investment fund based in New-york.

So AI music is on its way, but Silversteine insists the computer will never replace its human counterpart but will help “create the next generation of music.”

Amper isn’t the only AI music start-up, last year  Jukedeck  won TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield, but the thing that makes Amper so appealing is the control that is left to the person. To create a song on Amper you just plug in the length, mood and genre and get a track back within a few seconds. Then you can edit the track to your adding or removing instruments making the experience more human.

Silverstein insists the music is royalty free and that is it designed for companies who want to use music for short videos or adverts.

AI is here but does it pluck your ears? Listen below

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